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Yvette Phillips      AKA    Saphira

Being an only child allowed me to indulge my passion for reading from an early age and as a result I have never been lonely! Books allow us to go travelling to places that we may never visit in life and meet people from all walks of life and to learn from every character we meet.

When I’m not reading I teach Science and Biology at a College in Pretoria where I also coach students in Public Speaking. My other passions are my family, cooking, baking, crafting and I make my own dairy products; from butter to cheeses and yoghurts [thanks to my Jersey cow (Thelma) who provides me with the milk that I use].

Peggy Sutton - aka Galadriel

I am a retired teacher who has always had a passion for reading, whether it be reading with my classes, to reading Tolkien's magnificent Lord of Rings trilogy at home (way before the films hit the big screen!)  I chose the name Galadriel for my pseudonym because she comes across as an extremely powerful and inspiring woman, especially when she refused the 'One Ring' when it was offered to her by Frodo. 

My other hobbies include: shopping with my daughter, scrabble online, pub quizzes and socialising with friends.  I particularly enjoy the crime / thriller genre, and look forward to writing my reviews.

 James Cambell - aka Caesar13

I have been encouraged to read since I was very small. My favourite books when I was growing up were the National Geographic. I spent hours looking at the pictures and wishing I could visit the places they described.

My love for all things Roman, especially the era of Caesars’ rule started when I was about ten and wrote my first story about jumping through a hole to help fight those attacking Julius Caesar.

My favourite genre is history, especially Roman history.         



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