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Karen Morgan - aka Dexter

I have recently retired and have always loved reading. Many years ago I did a degree in English which involved dissecting ‘standard’ English Literature books so it is lovely to read books in the crime thriller genre. However I cannot get out of the habit of reviewing every book I read so this is ideal for me. My other interest include gardening, walking my Yorkshire terrier and football, I have supported AFC Bournemouth for many years. Could I have the pseudonym Dexter, I love the TV programme, his surname is Morgan and his sister is Deborah, my middle name!!                                                 

Judith Hodges - aka Pashtpaws  (Founder Member)

I think I might have actually been born reading!!  Certainly from the age of five I was a regular visitor to the local library. I will read literally anything, but my preferred genre are Thrillers, Classics, Modern Classics, Historical novels and anything new and well written. Other interests include socialising with friends and family, cooking, gardening, trail walking, line dancing, eating and drinking etc. And of course my three lovely cats!

 Helen Ladbrook  - aka Shesat

I am the mother of 2 boys both grown. I make traffic light boxes during the day and read most of the night if I get a good book. My genre of choice is Murder Mysteries. The gorier the better, especially Serial Killers and Detective series.

I will read pretty much anything including a cereal packet. I am not keen on romance but never say never. I also like suspense and conspiracy novels.


 Hannah Morgan aka Daenerys.

I am currently studying to become a doctor, but when I'm not in hospital or browsing medical textbooks, I love to relax with a good novel. I find that reading is a great way to take your mind off the stresses of daily life and a captivating story that enthralls you in mystery or transports you to a different world can also make fairly dull days of work more exciting. I like to read all sorts of different genres, from crime and thriller novels (not just the medical ones, though I do enjoy them!) to historical stories and fantasy tales. As well as reading, my spare time usually involves catching up on my television shows (Game of Thrones is my absolute favourite, hence my pseudonym), baking cakes and other sweet treats and enjoying a glass of wine or two with friends!    

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