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Angel in the Shadows

18-Oct-18       Walter Lucius

Excellent follow up to Butterfly in the Storm, part of the Heartland Trilogy


Once Upon A River

17-Jan-19       Diane Setterfield

Magic and the material world converge

in a spellbinding story

Arwen Evenstar

Bridge of Sighs

01-Feb-19       Priscilla Masters

A Martha Gunn mystery



01-Feb-19       Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

 Refreshingly old-fashioned police procedural


The Reach of Shadows

21-Jan-19       Tony J Forder

When the past comes back to haunt


Through His Eyes

07-Feb-19       Emma Dibdin

Beware of somebody that seems

too good to be true


When I Find You

01-Jul-18       Emma Curtis

Face blindness actually exist


Killer Thriller

12-Feb-19       Lee Goldberg

Two dimensional

mr zorg

Daisy Jones and the Six

07-Mar-19       Taylor Jenkins Reid

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!


Labyrinth of the Spirits

18-Sep-18       Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Another Major Zafon Blockbuster Bennie



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