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Long Road to Mercy

15-Nov-18      David Baldacci

A new character for Mr Baldacci, Atlee Pine

Mr Bumblebee

Dark Sacred Night

30-Oct-18       Michael Connelly

Old coppers don't retire, they just'plod' on!


Sherlock Holmes and the

Sussex Sea Devils

27-Nov-18       James Lovegrove

Another in the Sherlock Holmes series



29-Nov-18       Sophie Draper

This deep, dark psychological thriller

 is not for the faint-hearted to read


Murder in Belgravia

15-Mar-18       Lynn Brittney

Murder of an aristocrat in a WW1 setting


Professor Chandra Follows his Bliss

10-Jan-19       Rajeev Balasubramanyam

Not really my kind of thing



28-Nov-18       Dick Warburton

Intrigue in the American mid-west


A Death in Peking

01-Nov-18       Graeme Sheppard

The allure of the cold case


And In This State, She Gallops

28-Nov-18       J.W. Tan

An intriguing mix of fantasy and imagination


To The Lions

21-Feb-19       Holly Watt

Startling, emotive and frightening focus on what two brilliant investigative journalists uncover BonnieK

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