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The First Lady Escapes:

Flotus Flees the White House

01-Oct-18       Verity Speeks

Even the First Lady has a breaking point


The Last

31-Jan-19       Hanna Jameson

Is there life after the end of the world

as we know it?


The Secrets You Hide

04-Oct-18       Kate Helm

She is not the person everyone thinks she is


We All Fall Down

04-Dec-18       Cynthia Clark

We can't bury our past


Down to the Woods

20-Sep-18       M.J. Arlidge

Death in the New Forest National Park


Friends Like These

13-Dec-18       Sarah Alderson

How dangerous can it be to send a message

on Facebook to the wrong person?


The Listeners

13-Dec-18       Anthony J Quinn

A creepy psychological murder mystery


Do Not Disturb

19-Aug-18       Claire Douglas

A great page-turner


The Eldest Daughter Effect

11-Oct-16      Lisette Schuitemaker & Wies Enthoven

An interesting interpretation

of the role of firstborn women


An Unexplained Death

08-Nov-18       Mikita Brottman

The motive for a crime is always,

Love, Drugs or Money  


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