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American Fork

25/5/18       George B. Handley

Age, continents, cultures all come together

in this story


17 Turbulent Tales: Flight or Fright

 4/6/19       Stephen King & Bev Vincent

Making the air passengers fear scary flights

 Caesar XIII

Shiang (Empire of Salt II)

6/9/18       C.F. Iggulden

Another fantasty in another city-state

in the Empire of Salt series

Caesar XIII


7/3/19       Peter Tremayne

Historical fiction at its best


The Stranger Diaries

1/11/18       Elly Griffiths

"Hell is empty and all the devil's are here"


A Keeper

4/10/18      Graham Norton

Sensitive telling of love and betrayal


War Changes Everything

30/9/17       Melanie Hughes

Life in London before and during World War 2


The Old Religion

21/2/19       Martyn Waites

A supernatural mystery tale of intrigue


Into The Night

1/11/18       Sarah Bailey

A thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery


The Heavens

12/2/19       Sandra Newman

An imaginative, genre-defying tale of

time travel and the butterfly effect

Arwen Evenstar

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