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Run and Hide

22/8/18       Alan McDermott

Cracking story

mr zorg

Bad Apple

9/8/18       Zoje Stage

A spellbinding horror/thriller


Weird War Two

6/8/18       Richard Denham

A collection of little known facts about WWII?

 mr zorg

The House

27/7/18       John Mayer

Brogan McLane is back in 'The House'…


The Hunting Party

24/1/19       Lucy Foley

A thriller set in a remote

Scottish hunting lodge


The Ash Doll

20/9/18       James Hazel

Second in the Charlie Priest series

mr zorg

Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulhu

14/8/18       Lois H Gresh

Holmes versue Moriarty and the Monsters!



4/9/18       Iain Reid

A snapshot of two years in one couple's life

mr zorg

Blood Cruise

12/7/18       Mats Strandberg

Swedish thrilling horror in the Baltic Sea!


Court of Wolves

9/8/18       Robyn Young

The second book of the New World Rising trilogy


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