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Sing, Unburied, Sing

19/4/18       Jesmyn Ward

Not an easy read if you're sensitive to

the destructiveness of poverty and racialism


Gita The Battle of the Worlds

12/7/18      Sonal Sachdev Patel &

Jemma Wayne-Kattan

 Ego can be controlled



3/5/18       Damian Dibben

Lovely story about the bicentenary dog!


Dead If You Don't

17/5/18       Peter James

The 14th in the Roy Grace series



28/6/18       J.L. Butler

Did he, or didn't he?


The Hope Fault

10/7/18       Tracy Farr

A gorgeously constructed novel

lacking in plot momentum



12/7/18       Kim Sherwood

Can a man live a lie all his life?


Open Your Eyes

26/7/18       Paula Daly

A fantastic book, plot-line and ending.

I couldn't put it down!


Queen's Progress

30/3/18       M.J. Trow

More Elizabethan plots and shenanigans


The Sapphire Widow

5/4/18       Dinah Jefferies

Betrayal, Tragedy, Passion and Triumph Bennie


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