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24/5/17       Jennifer Dulski

Even if you are purposeful, this book

is a must read for all


The Journal

28/11/17       R. D. Stevens

Remarkable story superbly combining philosophical insight and gritty reality

Arwen Evenstar

Shelter: Tales of the Aftermath

14/6/18       Dave Hutchinson

A darkly compelling dystopian tale

of post-apocalyptic England

Arwen Evenstar

The Queens of Innis Lear

17/5/18       Tessa Gratton

An epic fantasy re-telling of

a Shakespearean classic


Smile of the Wolf

12/7/18       Tim Leach

Hot feud in cold and isolated island


Be True to Yourself

27/3/18       Aaron Parker

"There are bees in my head. Nettles on my brain. Do I speak words of wisdom?

Or have I gone insane?" - Aaron


Son of Zeus

16/4/18       Glyn Iliffe

One of my favourite Greek adventure stories!


A Blood Thing

5/6/18       James Hankins

The sins of the brother…

mr zorg

What Did I Do?

1/5/18       Jessica Jarlvi

An everyday story of a dysfunctional family

mr zorg

Reiki Insights

29/6/18       Frans Stiene

All who practise Reiki should read this book!


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