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Box of Bones

3/4/18       Peter Morfoot

The sights and sounds of Nice brought to life


The Taste of Blue Light

8/2/18       Lydia Ruffles

"Thinking about all that colour and sound now makes my skull tighten…"


The Second Footman

1/2/13       Jasper Barry

Max's cunning plan to enrich himself with passion!


The Bishop's Pawn

20/3/18       Steve Berry

Shocking discovery behind Dr Martin Luther King Jr's assassination


The End of Loneliness

8/3/18       Benedict Wells

A journey of loss that leads to enlightenment Gillian

First to Die

14/6/18         Alex Caan

Why was this man poisoned?

And will others follow?


Crystal Companion

5/4/18       Judy Hall

The perfect book to help you discover

how to work with crystals


Sins of the Fathers

30/4/18       Anthea Fraser

Well written and engaging, but slightly vapid


The Poison Bed

14/6/18       E C Freemantle

Power, politics and poison at the court of

King James I


The Accusation

1/6/18       Zosia Wand

Mother-in-law from hell


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