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I Remember You

27/3/18         Elisabeth de Mariaffi

A mother will do anything to find her child


The Smiling Man

8/3/18       Joseph Knox

The second in the Aidan Watts series

mr zorg


28/6/18       J.L. Butler

Did he, or didn't he?


Dead and Gone

1/5/18        D.L. Michaels

Are people really who they say they are?


The Adulterer's Wife

7/5/18       Leigh Russell

How can you not notice your dead husband

in bed?


Through A Glass Darkly

2/12/17       Enid Mary Stanton

A family's journey with autism


Big Woods

1/8/18       May Cobb

A well-written thriller that lacks substance


My Husband and I

2/11/17       Ingrid Seward

A very informative description of

an enduring royal marriage


Brutal Terminations

6/11/17       Cherith Baldry

Hopefully the start of a new detective

and his side-kick!


The Fifth Mrs Brink

25/7/17       Karina M. Szczurek

A love to last a lifetime…


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