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The Way Back

 1/2/18         Abbie Williams

Love can survive generations!


Three Things About Elsie

11/1/18         Joanna Cannon

A gentle story about old age, friendship

and memories lost


Divining With Animal Guides

23/2/18         Hearth Moon Rising

An interesting additional tool

to add to working with animal deities


The Conquistador's Horse

28/12/17         Barry Cole

A true-to-life story


The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids

28/12/17         Judy Hall

This really is the ultimate for understanding and creating crystal grids  


The Secret Garden

18/1/18         Frances Hodgson Burnett

Why haven't I read this before?

Such an uplifting story


Gallery of the Dead

12/7/18         Chris Carter

A "must-just-read-another-chapter" thriller

by expert penman Chris Carter


Look For Me

8/2/18         Lisa Gardner

Detective D D Warren and Flora Dane are back!


Best Friends

1/2/18         Carys Jones

A fairy tale for grown-ups


The Prince and the Whitechapel Murders

 22/2/18         Saul David

A 'Jack the Ripper' tale


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