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The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle 1/9/18               Stuart Turton

Very smart and gripping dystopian thriller! This crime science fiction is not to be missed! Caesar 13

Monument Road

1/12/17            Michael Wiley

Imagine being convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit.  


Light and Dark: 21 Short Stories 2/10/17                 C.G.Harris

It will make you laugh, cry and scared.


The Dictator of Britain

31/12/14      Paul Michael Dubal

Could a dictatorship really rise in Britain? Boromir

Hardcore 24

14/11/17            Janet Evanovich


Warning: Never lend your car

 to Stephanie Plum!


The Confession

11/1/18                    Jo Spain

What does a man with no money or direction have in common with a rich banker and his wife? Shesat

Amy, The History of a Coram Foundling 5/8/17                 Angie Northey

Regency romance with an

Upstairs, Downstairs feel


Out of Mecklenburg

9/8/17                  James Remmer

A brilliant story about espionage in the 2nd World War but from the German’s point of view


The Little Café in Copenhagen

1/2/18                        Julie Caplin  

A spicy, weekend romance!


Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas - The Al Thani Collection

30/11/17                Amin Jaffer

A MUST SEE if visiting Venice.


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