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The Line Becomes a River

 1/3/18         Francisco Cantú

Brilliant must-read about the complications and inhumanity of attempting to cross borders


The Sun Does Shine

29/3/18     Anthony Ray Hinton

with Lara Love Hardin

This true story about the wrongly convicted man on death row brought tears to my eyes!


The Vanishing Season

27/2/18         Joanna Schaffhausen

Very good debut novel



22/2/18         Beth Macy

"Whites Peoples is Hateful"


Wolf Trap

1/8/17         Consuelo Roland

How far would you go for love?


The Cutting Edge

17/5/18         Jeffery Deaver

Too many things made little or no sense

mr zorg

How Shostakovich Changed my Mind

 1/4/18         Stephen Johnson

The power of healing through music


The Lost Heifetz and Other Stories

16/2/18         Michael Tabor

Twelve insightful, satirical and totally enthralling short stories


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