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Middle England

08-Nov-18       Jonathan Coe

A depressing look at our present situation


Trafalgar: The Untold Story

of the Greatest Sea Battle in History

 11-Oct-18       Nicholas Best

Gripping description of Trafalgar

with all five senses!

Caesar XIII

Half Moon Bay

25-Sep-18       Alice LaPlante

Grief follows you everywhere



26-Jul-18       Hannah Begbie

Grief can be deadly


The Comforts of Home

04-Oct-18       Susan Hill

You can't keep a good cop down



25-Sep-18       Paulo Coelho

A Journey through the time of Peace and Love


Have You Eaten Grandma?

04-Oct-18       Gyles Brandreth

A witty guide to the correct usage of punctuation, grammar and good English


Four's Destiny

25-Apr-18       Michael Powell

Four men whose lives are forever joined

by the war


A Bad, Bad Thing

31-Aug-18       Elena Forbes

Corruption in the racing world


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