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The Trick to Time

29/3/18       Kit de Waal

The resilience of the human spirit


Weeping Waters

19/4/18       Karin Brynard

Weeping Waters (Plaasmoord)

heralds the arrival of a rising star

on the South African crime fiction scene


Mind of a Killer

29/12/17       Simon Beaufort

A macabre series of crimes

set in Victorian London


Something in the Water

26/7/18       Catherine Steadman

Clever people making mistakes through greed


Kill the Angel

3/5/18       Sandrone Dazieri

Gripping from the outset


Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet

23/2/18       Chrissie Blaze

Is Earth really the missing planet in astrology?


Apostle Lodge

5/10/17       Paul Mendelson

Under the beauty of Table Mountain

lurks murder most foul.


Letters to Iris

5/4/18       Elizabeth Noble

The twists and turns of fate


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