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Earthquake, Wind and Fire

21/10/17       Rosemary Rowntree

DCI Upward, the new Tennison?



20/3/18       Elinor Florence

A must-read magnificent novel inspired by her own life and ancestry in Canada


The Big Get-Even

6/3/18       Paul Di Filippo

The lives of two ex-cons cross in extraordinary circumstances tempting them back into a life of crime



14/12/17       Lucy Hounsom

"Gareth looked at the trees and flexed his fingers…"


Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling

 3/5/18       Emer McLysaght & Sarah Breen

Are you a complete Aisling?


Things Bright and Beautiful

5/4/18        Anbara Salam

Mission House in 1954 is a house not built for 3


The Boy at the Door

1/5/18       Alex Dahl

How can a little boy turn your world

upside down?


Paper Ghosts

19/4/18       Julia Heaberlin

A daring psychological thriller merging the impossible with the possible


Redemption Point

29/1/18       Candice Fox

Excellent follow up to Crimson Lake


I Still Dream

5/4/18       James Smythe

Exceptional novel looking at the advancement

of technology with valid consideration

of being human


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