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Scourge of Wolves

(Master of War Book 5)

14/12/17       David Gilman

Gruesome war thriller


Forget My Name

1/10/18       J.S. Monroe

Evil hiding in plain sight


Wolf of the Tesseract - Book One

23/4/18       Christopher D. Schmitz

An interesting introduction to a universe which blends science and magic

Arwen Evenstar

The Ancient Nine

26/3/19       Ian K. Smith

Intriguing mystery and murder in an all-male club at Harvard University

Arwen Evenstar

Killing Time

4/10/18       Mark Roberts

A chilling story of bigotry and hatred


Bridge of Clay

11/10/18       Markus Zusak

It's been worth the wait, Markus Zusak.

A compelling, beautiful story


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