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Broken Dolls

7/8/18       Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint - you are a brilliant author!

Another unforgettable book.



26/7/18       K.J. Howe

Boy soldiers. A secret German Society. Nuclear fuel. The Mafia. What a mix!


The Illumination of Ursula Flight

3/5/18       Anna-Marie Crowhurst

A 17th Century feminist is born


Dead Man's Gift (and other stories)

 26/7/18       Simon Kernick

Politicians don't always have it that easy…

mr zorg

The Cliff House

17/5/18       Amanda Jennings

Be careful what you wish for


The Crystal Seer

12/4/18       Judy Hall

An insightful look at crystals


The City of Brass

8/3/18       S.A. Chakraborty

18th Century Cairo where magic still exists


Mark of the Devil

24/4/18       Tana Collins

Police Procedural with lots of twists


Chance to Break

28/5/18       Owen Prell

Excellent debut for this author…

anyone for Tennis?


Kevin Doyle R.I.P.

31/3/17       Les Clarke

Murder of a beautiful woman causes chaos


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