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Lost Voyage

1/11/17         Pauline Rowson

An Art Marvik adventure


Purple Palette for Murder

14/10/17         R J Harlick

A unique, northen Canadian, Meg Harris mystery that enfolds you into the life of the Algonquin community


Friends and Traitors

5/4/18         John Lawton

An Inspector Troy novel about the life of Guy Burgess


Aaron's Rod

6/9/17         Michael Baum

I couldn't finish it…

mr zorg

The Disappearance of Adele Bedeau

17/9/14         Graeme Macrae Burnet

Life in a sleepy town of Saint-Louis and the interconnection of the people who live there.


The Indigo Girl

3/10/17         Natasha Boyd

The story of Eliza Lucas and her passion

for Indigofera tinctoria

Saphira 5

The Alkoryn Chronicles 2:

Land of Eternal Stars

24/11/17         C J Gleave

"Through the dust, perhaps one hundred men hove into view."



2/11/17         Nick Harkaway

A complex but fascinating story


Trading Down

9/11/17         Stephen Norman

A brilliant thriller from the financial world!


Steal Big: Vatican City

 5/10/17         Sean O'Driscoll

Robbing the assets which are valued greater

than expected!


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