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 6/8/09         Mark Billingham

D.I. Tom Thorne is still on the case

Mr Bumblebee

The Other Mother

5/12/17         J A Baker

A brilliant psychological twisty tale


21st Century Yokel

16/11/17         Tom Cox

21st Century Yokel - Lovely Man


What Goes Around

27/10/17         Debra Hinkley

Barbara Cartland meets the 21st century

mr zorg

Father of Lies

20/9/15         S E England

Science does not always have all the answers


Lock 13

29/12/17         Peter Helton

Who said Private Investigators can't be funny?


It Happened Like This Nurse!

21/12/16         T J Edwards

An amusing collection of anecdotes about life

as an A&E nurse


Revelations 12:12

16/11/17         David De Freitas

Why does everyone Simon loves have to die?


Happiness for Humans

4/1/18         P Z Reizin

A very topical novel of its time


Dark Redemption

12/10/17         Grace Hamilton

"I can't believe you're giving up" Megan seethed.


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