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25/9/17         Dermod Judge

The dangerous game in the corrupt world

of hurling


The Toymakers

8/2/18         Robert Dinsdale

Great British Christmas toy story!


The Price of Freedom

1/2/18         Rosemary Rowe

Roman Britain's crimes in ancient Gloucester!


If I Die Before I Wake

4/1/18                  Emily Koch

Stuck in a body being unable to communicate. Treebeard

She's Not There

14/12/17              Joy Fielding


Couldn't put it down!



11/1/18                 Emma Glass

Totally original – totally different!



7/7/17              Fiona Mozley

A debut novel of promise


The Heart's Invisible Furies

11/1/18            John Boyne

An outstanding book on all levels


Viola Vincent Reporting - Underdog 12/9/17                Anna Kenna

An easy read but with a strong message


Faking Friends

11/1/18                  Jane Fallon

A woman scorned is a dangerous woman indeed Whizz

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