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Search for the Sunlight:

16/6/17        Craig Thomson

An endearing adventure

with no lack of imagination!


The House in the Tree

6/7/17        Bianca Pitzorno

Great imagination and wonderful illustrations

 mz zorg

The Porridge Plot

6/7/17        Che Golden

Don't upset a Brownie!

mz zorg

The Wind in the Willows

26/5/16        Kenneth Grahame

A children's classic. Wonderful…

mz zorg

 Damsels of June

31/5/17        Kira Vorobiyova

Kiev after the fall of Communism in the 1990s


Buried Secrets

22/6/17        Lisa Cutts

What price friendship?


Heather, the Totality

7/11/17        Matthew Weiner

Darkly Gothic


The Maid's Room

16/11/17        Fiona Mitchell

The domestic "maid's" lot is never going to be

a happy one!


Stockholm Delete

7/9/17        Jens Lapidus

Scandi Crime never disappoints


Best Day Ever

7/9/17        Kaira Rouda

Portrait of a toxic relationship


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