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Degrees of Darkness

19/9/17      Tony Forder



The Dying Game

1/8/17      Asa Avdic

Sweden - but not as we know it


The Music Shop

13/7/17      Rachel Joyce

Storytelling and music come together

Bennie Bookworm

The Limehouse Golem

24/8/17      Peter Ackroyd

The Ripper before Jack!


The Good Mother

1/10/17      Karen Osman

Suspense that kept my attention throughout


The Innocent Wife

6/10/17      Amy Lloyd

Brilliant! Thought provoking! Scary!


Ratels on the Lomba: The Story of Charlie Squadron

 15/12/17      Leopold Scholz

The most intense armoured battle on the African continent since May 1943


Shimmering Zen

 3/11/17      James Stanford

Beautiful! Mesmerizing!


The Accident

1/10/17      Dawn Goodwin

A poignant story of how a terrible tragedy

can ruin a person's life  


Hunt You Down

13/7/17      Christopher Farnsworth

And you thought social media

couldn't manipulate you...

mr zorg

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