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Portia the Pear

 7/9/17      Nicola Hulme

The illustrations are beautiful

Gonda, Vito & Lina

Two Cousins of Azov

13/7/17      Andrea Bennett

Second chances do happen


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

18/5/17      Gail Honeyman

Funny, moving, powerful and unique -

a great read


In The World's Shadows  

30/6/17      Christopher Hamilton

A man who has seen history

as it was happening


Dancing the Death Drill

17/2/17      Fred Khumalo

The story of Pito Montaung



 4/5/17      Conn Iggulden

A very simple story about the life of St Dunstan


Hiramic Brotherhood: Ezekiel's Temple Prophecy 18/8/17      William Hanna

Conspiracy theory of the real ruler(s) of the world


The Templars      7/9/17 Dan Jones

The shocking truth would prove

the Templars innocent


Into a Dark Frontier  

5/9/17      John Mangan

A non-stop action thriller

packed with adventure and danger


City of Saviors

8/8/17      Rachel Howzell Hall

Detective Lou Norton is a Kick Ass Cop


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