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Forest Dark

24/8/17      Nicole Krauss

If this book were a painting

it would fall into the surrealist genre


The Girlfriend

6/4/17      Michelle Frances

Poor girl meets rich boy

and the mother is not happy


Final Girls

13/7/17      Riley Sager

Riveting thriller that manages to weave

compassion into the conclusion


Blood and Blade

1/12/16      Matthew Harffy

Non-stop bloody defending against the Picts



1/11/16      Andrew Frediani

Revenge against the Opitare

(forerunners of the Establishment)


You Will Know Me

28/7/16      Megan Abbott

Ambition, obsession and power,

at whatever cost!


Jenny Sparrow Knows the Future

29/7/17      Melissa Pimentel

Drawn-out fantasy novel


Kill The Father

10/8/17      Sandrone Dazieri


mr zorg


2/1/18      H. Terrell Griffin

An excellent read but not without its flaws

mr zorg

The Apocalypse Chase

30/5/16      Graham Spence

Enlightening, transformational,

action-adventure journey


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