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The Secret of Summerhayes

27/7/17      Merryn Allingham

A book of secrets and love during the nightmare that was the Second World War


The Hunt for the 60s' Ripper

13/7/17      Robin Jarossi

True crime from 1960s London


Concentration Camps of Canada

12/6/17      Baron Alexander Deschauer

and Lucky Deschauer

"Taking the Indian out of the Indian"



3/8/17      Niccolo Ammaniti

(translated by Jonathan Hunt)

Lord of the Flies meets Anna!


The Freedom Broker  

23/2/17      K.J. Howe

Hang on to your hat -

it's going to be a bumpy ride!



Tin Man

27/7/17      Sarah Winman

Follow the yellow brick road


Hell's Mouth

27/7/17      A.P. Bateman

Bang up to date story line

but still a timeless subject

mr zorg

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