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            Born in Africa, Graham Spence was a journalist for 25 years reporting on the turbulent apartheid era.

He now lives in Berkshire, England with his wife and two sons and is a full time writer.

His previous non-fiction books, The Elephant Whisperer, Babylon’s Ark and The Last Rhino, written with his brother-in-law Lawrence Anthony, are all global best sellers. Lawrence Anthony was known as the ‘Indiana Jones of conservation’.

With the death of Lawrence in 2012, Spence started fiction writing, basing his plots on factual events.

His first novel, The Apocalypse Chase, is about a businessman suffering an existential crisis and decides to go fishing in the world’s most dangerous places, seeking adventure and fish that have never seen humans before. Spence combines his love of the outdoors with fast-paced action as his lead character is kidnapped by Marxist revolutionaries, confronts Islamic jihadists, and fights for his life during an epic wilderness trip.

His next novel, Bloodhorn, deals with the wildlife mafia that is annihilating Africa’s rhino. Again based on fact, the action moves from South Africa to Vietnam, and the harsh reality where game guards armed with bolt-action rifles daily put their lives on the line against heavily-armed mercenaries.

Spence has an intimate knowledge of Africa. During his years as a newspaper reporter, he covered a variety of news beats including crime and politics, although much of his work was reporting on the low level civil war that simmered in South Africa for two decades. He edited a regional newspaper, The Zululand Observer, for seven years after Nelson Mandela was released.

His ‘spiritual’ home is in the African wilderness. He grew up in Mozambique, where his parents were British expatriates, and spent much of his childhood either exploring the bush on his doorstep, or fishing and sailing with his father.

His relatives own a game reserve in Zululand, and he is currently working on a memoir of a conservationist at the forefront of the fight to save the African rhino, something Spence’s former mentor Lawrence Anthony would applaud.

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